• Viktoriia DOMINA
  • Maxim ROGANOV
  • Daryna SHUBA


Ключові слова:

communicative competence, professional competence, specialist social work, the communicative setting and communicative potential.


Mentioned in the article quite topical at present the theme of having a masters in social work communicative competence, which is one of the basic characteristics of professional competence, and promotes personal and professional development. The article reveals the content of the concept of communicative competence, its structural elements. Based on the study of theoretical approaches to the essence of communicative competence, the author defines the main components of communicative competence of specialists in social work, such as: organizational and cognitive, interactive, and perceptive-predictive, in accordance with the criteria of assessment of communicative competence of a specialist and their performance.
The authors determined that a specialist in social work should have a number of abilities that allow him to carry out effective communication - this is a presentation of the forecast of the alleged communicative situation, programming of communication, communication management. Moreover, communication in the social sphere is presented as a process in which four main communicative elements of communication are integrated: diagnostic, programming, organizational, executive.


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